The Day I Lost My Clitoris

My faith, succumbed to, Satan’s curse
Which sowed, in me, the ‘bud of sin’
How found mullahs, in Allah’s verse
My perdition, down to, inch of skin!

By six, when I felt it, sprouting there
O’er slit of shame, my bud of bliss
Half-women, of my clan, how dare, they spare?
Slit the woman off me, with moral malice!

Now I daresay, what all I lost!
A rhapsody, never meant to be
An impotence, my faith’s coerced cost
A dead doll me, for my man’s orgy!

I slither, in the sands, of sin and lust
Unspent yearnings, brim my, soul’s abyss
I search HER, lost to, faith, august
Since, The Day, I Lost, My Clitoris!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra


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