The Tramped Tootsies

Lost legend, of the mystic east
Yet throbs today, in history’s vein
“How Woman, Is Man’s, Splendid Feast”
And Beauty’s, Pious Price, Is Pain”!

The cost of, Confucian creed!
For gaudy gait, who sold their feet
Did they, have a wish, but to concede
To the misery of, men’s sweet deceit!

At four, began that, Four-Inch quest
When daughters, had their, feet broken
Could more, be loving, a mother’s bequest
Than a petite pair, womanhood’s token!

With broken feet, and shattered toes
They played out pain, in shame’s cabaret
Whilst orgied on, a land’s ethos
Deadened, to sin, for lust’s malaise!


Which China, do we now reminisce
A culture’s farm, or a vain treatise!
Won’t die down, lingering, psalm amiss
The cracking cries, of The Tramped Tootsies!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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