When White Skin Stinks

Be the bearer, of the grandest fleece
And wield it, for a talisman
Who bestowed you, this masterpiece?
Showy signpost, of pedigreed clan!

For you not hard, to postulate
Yourself to envied, echelons
For the rest, can’t help, but deprecate
Themselves, in racial liaisons!

Still Negroes linger on, in your colonial thought
“Aah Niggers! How we trampled on, your history”
Don’t you hear aloud, those bond-slaves shout?
“How your white skin, spelled, our misery!”

So what has changed, in this ethnic game?
Still Black Man is, What White Man thinks!
Still etched in skin, our pride and shame
Still we give in, When White Skin Stinks!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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