Our Greatest Fear

vikas chandra

In throbbing hearts, and scathing souls
And diffident minds, of the human race
In the bills of fear, we pay life’s tolls
And few fortitudes, to save our grace!

A God, and a faith, we made to last
To yoke ourselves, to a fear divine
And a social order, to then typecast
Our existence, to a bondage benign!

Handcuffed, manacled, impotent slaves
Of providences, which reign us, to death
It’s never a hope, but fear, that paves
Many myths of ours, with a stark shibboleth!

Of all cherished sins, of existence
Estranged are the ones, which we endear
We sell our glory, to a petty pretense
For our greatness, is Our Greatest Fear!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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