Beyond Faith, Beyond God

Born barren, on that Lord’s landscape
Who hurled us, with a faith’s irony!
That diktat’s reign, who dares escape?
Which seizes souls, with divine agony!

When faith became, heart’s holy bread
Since ages, bleed, faith’s fanatic fags!
God eats into, mind’s every shred
What’s left of men? Faith’s phony flags!

Would rainbow lose, its shades sublime
If God not bless its, splendor’s mystique
Why not man sees thru, that prism of time
Which frees him, from, prejudice antique

Why not stop, to lament, histories’ heritage
Which made a man, his myth’s façade
And God, fêted fear, in his gilded cage
Man’s a spent outrage, Beyond Faith, Beyond God!

© 2016 Vikas Chandra

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