Two To Tango !

Won’t the saffrons bloom, yet one more spell
Their stigmas dry, unleash, Persian flair
But they won’t be there, they won’t be there!
Whose ‘stigma’ is, Sharia’s hard sell!

Aah! Mahmoud, Ayaz, would no more sin, in Allah’s land
How could they, when they hang stonily, at Edalat (Justice) square!
Why they chose to love immorally, in morality’s quicksand!
Iran is Iran, Ayatollah’s diktat’s fief, how did they dare!

And justice has its murky ways, to chasten blasphemy, at truth’s cost
When faith’s all that counts, there’s no love lost
Between a bigoted state, and two sinful ‘sodomites’
A pious populace, which loves to hang, its perverted ‘parasites’

Many more martyrs of Sharia, will hang high, from dogged cranes
Brazen flags of fanatics, hoisted on faith’s mast, as though
Many Mahmouds and Ayazs will love, and kiss their chains
Doesn’t Ayatollah know? It Takes Two To Tango!

© 2016 Vikas Chandra

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