In search of you

A dream you lent, alone to be spent by me
It spent me, but was it worth to be cherished starved of you
My soul it lit up like a Christmas tree
My body ain’t a wasteland either, give the devil his due

Why you left where it started, for me with a search of you
Eons weigh hefty on a yearning heart, every moment a measure of misery
Your parting from the love alley, alas, a bolt from the blue
Long-lost your heart, my temple of love, your words of love, my rosary

To forget you, may God forbid, is a sin not a bet for a doting heart
How to sway a lovelorn heart, “it wasn’t’ love”, would a lie withstand?
The bond of love that tethers two souls, from worlds apart
Come, touch my heart my soul, what my love’s for me to understand

A vision once owned by us, now a wandering waif with me
It moans in my heart as I begrudge the essence of my existence
Have a heart O Dear, walk in now, my heart ain’t under lock and key
Come, touch our forsaken lives, every mile paved with love, this distance

As my heart prays hard, may you ever be well, wherever you are
May I be a fond echo in your soul that never ever dies
May you ever seek and need me, O’ my love, how I wish upon a star
Come, touch my world, all for you, our bounds beyond the loftiest skies

© 2015 Vikas Chandra


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