In search of you

vikas chandra

A dream you lent, alone to be spent by me
It spent me, but was it worth to be cherished starved of you
My soul it lit up like a Christmas tree
My body ain’t a wasteland either, give the devil his due

Why you left where it started, for me with a search of you
Eons weigh hefty on a yearning heart, every moment a measure of misery
Your parting from the love alley, alas, a bolt from the blue
Long-lost your heart, my temple of love, your words of love, my rosary

To forget you, may God forbid, is a sin not a bet for a doting heart
How to sway a lovelorn heart, “it wasn’t’ love”, would a lie withstand?
The bond of love that tethers two souls, from worlds apart
Come, touch my heart my soul, what my love’s for me to understand

A vision once…

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