The Tsar Who Lost The Cold War

Perestroika, first, then came, glasnost
Legacy of Lenin, how long, could it last
Who’d pay, at last, democracy’s cost
In a land, condemned, “Communist outcast”!

Enraptured, by, western ethos
Gorbi, forsook, the Soviet dream
A mother, mourned, with, deep pathos
The loss, of a state’s, self-esteem!

West bought, peace, power, very cheap
Whilst, Gorbi, sacrificed, it all
He sank, his ship, in abyss, very deep
To find, his solace, in a squall!

Whilst, world recalls, Gorbi’s ‘glory’
Russians, spurn him, with a metaphor
“He ain’t worth, our, glorious story
The Tsar, Who Lost, The Cold War”!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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