When You Count A Lion’s Wisdom Teeth

“Never toes, the line, renegade feline”
He is, the Tsar, to the, Kings’ chagrin
Needless to despair, grudge, and whine
Whoever, you are, Putin, is Putin!

He tails, no shepherd; hunts, with pride
Snow-Brutus, in his, smoldering streaks
He is, the vim, who turns, the tide
Against, the herd of, meek critiques!

Their fear, trembles, in his, fortitude’s fief
Their faith, grumbles, at his, royal roar
Hyenas, who live on, borrowed belief
Don’t dare, to bear him, in a war!

Stop woofing, from Ukraine, has-beens
There is, no spine, in your, back’s beneath
You’ll know then what man’s ethos means
When, You Count, A Lion’s, Wisdom Teeth!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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