Whom I Found And Lost At The Cliffs Of Moher

I hear, sea surf, snog, soul of shale
As though, William, whispers, to Wilde
Lost legend, of the, Irish nightingale
Lasting lullaby, to a, sleepless child!

Never ever, had been, such trinity’s tryst
Betrothal, of, beauty, with bliss
O’er, mightiest wall, made of, mystic mist
I cradle, birth of mirth, in my, heart’s abyss!

I see, the mermaids, yearn, whole day
Baptized by, bleeding brine, at bay
“Do leave, a poesy, at love’s ledge
But, not as abrupt, as this edge”!

Estranged, by her, I am, no more, me
In the realm, where truth, and mythos, blur
One with, beauty’s, riveting rhapsody
Whom I Found, And Lost, At The Cliffs, Of Moher!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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