When We Satirize Life To Baptize Death

‘WHO’se faith, is to, fabricate from fear
Mythical malice; political prejudice, …
Greek is, no more, grandeur’s, souvenir
But the, new creed of, Coronal Crisis!

World ends, to the, jeers and cheers, of Xi
Who has, bribed WHO, to spare Chinese
To christen, doom’s, satanic orgy
Dare, we bare, “China, devised this disease”!

Whilst, a billion ¥uans, buy all alibis
Why 24 Greeks, bear, ‘henchmen’s’ brunt!
WHO, crucifies truth, and, glorifies lies
At the cost, of a Greek, legacy, ill-earnt!

WHO named, our new fear, “‘O’micron”
Lest ‘O’mega, lead us, to, last breath
Life’s legend, is lost, to an, eon bygone
When We, Satirize Life, To Baptize Death!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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