So What, If Satan Changes Name !!!

May a baptism, whitewash, His sins
Earnt o’er, decades, of deceit
Lo, and behold, Satan’s chagrin
Who found, new heart, for a soul, deadbeat!

New Meta, pledges, new Metaverse
A Mega-Myth, born out of, old lie
Will the world, forget, that Satanic verse
Called “Facebook”, we loved, to decry!

May “Meta” sound, Facebook’s, death knell
Since, so it means, in Zuck’s Hebrew
‘How much, hate it grows, in world’, will tell
“Should we buy, new risk, at its Face-Value!”

Between “F”, & “∞”, of infinity
Same creed, reflects, same shades, of shame
Decadent Doyen, Of, Digital Dignity
So What, If Satan, Changes Name !!!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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