Where Angels Are Bartered For Bread

Love’s lullabies, to, hate’s legacy, lost
Where fear, is hunger, and bread, faith
A ‘surplus doll’, is the, heartless cost
A hearth, pays, to life’s, ruthless wraith!

“She’ll be, a bride, of my son, one day
When Islam, rules, our, ‘Redeemed Land’”
Ali trades, this ‘truth’, like a, popinjay
To an, ethos, sinking in, quicksand!

A million dreams, whose cradles, are graves
Suckle gore, of hope, from the breasts, of death
Whilst, a reveling Taliban, rages, and raves
About sharia‘s faith, with, fear’s shibboleth!

Who sell, daughters, to feed, their sons
Buy, two freedoms, for the price, of one
They reinforce, that, Taliban’s equations
Whose, social jihad, seems to, have won!

Where, ‘saintly’ Satan, wants to, reign
The slaves, of faith, with fear, instead
That nation, will diminish, in pain
Where Angels, Are Bartered, For Bread!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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