Our “Tender-Loin”, Bitcoin, Bitcoin…

In , asylum of, Digital Mayhem
Economics, found, its enigma
An orphaned, economic, stratagem
Defines, our, Digital Dilemma!

We found, an ‘icon’, called it God
Not baptized, by, our sweat, and tears
Was it bred, on Digital Ethics, flawed
To reinvent, fiscal faith, and fears!

In ‘bits’, we’ll earn, our Digital Bread
Baked in the, oven of, conjectures
Not our, ‘soiled’ paper, cynosure instead
Races, to its death, for many more, ‘ciphers’!

Digital Defiance, has brought, us today
To the crossroads, where two worlds, conjoin
Between mirage, and an oasis, our pursuits’, power-play
Our “Tender-Loin”, Bitcoin, Bitcoin …!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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