Fear Preaches Faith Its Hypocrisy

Love-litanies, squirm, at, Vatican’s door
Of ‘heretics’, who dare, sin their souls
“L’amour, is the, ‘Adam-Eve’ metaphor
How could, sexual halves be, conjugal wholes!”

Can a faith, be run, like a, ‘Sin-dicate’
By, pious prejudice, politics, and pride
With a, fistful of fear, a heartful of hate
Is this, how is, passion crucified!

A revolt, broke out, in the, ‘State of Sin’
Which prides, itself, in its, pedophile priests
“Love goes beyond, the creed, of skin
We’ll bless convicts, of your, ‘Love-Heists’!

Vatican, is a sum, of its enigmas
Pope, a spent theory, of his theocracy
Faith dares, yet fears, its sin’s, stigmas
Fear Preaches, Faith, Its Hypocrisy!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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