The Seminal Stains Of Socialist Sins

In ghettos, bleeds bare, Dragon’s fear
From ‘fanatic’ faith, of an, estranged race
Where their, ethos’ cross, they’re, made to bear
Before crucifixion, of, ethnic disgrace!

Since Chinese pride, ravished, Uighurs to shame
To raze, their souls to, oblivion’s dust
What ‘Uighurs’ remain, beyond a, vanquished name
A pathos, worth just, dragon’s disgust!

Lest Muslim breed, run over, and rout them
They rip, to shreds, their women’s, wombs
Jinping outdoes, Hitler’s, Kill-Jews mayhem
To bury, more Uighurs, in Socialism’s tombs!

Whilst UN turns, deaf, dumb, and blind
To the Uighurs’ pains, miseries, chagrins, …
Where was Xinjiang, now there, we find
The Seminal Stains, Of, Socialist Sins!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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