The Land Of The Lost Souls

Neither funerals, nor for, anniversaries
Are worth, those sons, who won’t return
In lost-found, death-documentaries
Vain-martyrdom, is all, what they earn!

Pak-freedom, brought them, new conquest
Jinnah, swore by Quran, yet, betrayed Balochistan
For the lust, of minerals, deep down, her breast
A mother, is raped, by Pakistan!

Balochis fight, lost war, every day
And live, a haunting, estrangement
With their motherland, mired, in melee
They’ll bleed, until, last drop, is spent!

Many more, will join, the “Missing List”
In this, Pakistan’s, ethnic heist!

In the tentacles, of a, rogue-nation
An ethos, pays its, freedom’s tolls
At the cusp of, slavery, and salvation
The Land, Of The, Lost Souls!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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