The Pain Of Hymeneal Stain

Inequity, beyond, prejudice
Could evolution, be too, such inane
Onus, to preserve, piety of bliss
Is on, a woman’s, membrane!

Faith’s shield, to guard, clitoral ‘sin’
Or façade, to fortify, patriarchy
Where’s the virtue, in being, a virgin
When you’re, nowhere in, ethnic hierarchy!

A skin, shreds apart, a species, into two
And an ethos’s instincts, faith, fear, and taboo
Is duplicity, a man-made, invention
Or inherent, sacrament, of evolution!

Absolves, convicts, blood-bathed, bed-sheet
Bride’s virginity’s vows, in a, rite profane
Evolution revels, civilization’s, defeat
In The Pain, Of, Hymeneal Stain!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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