If You Ain’t Digital You Don’t e-xist

New faith, we found, in zero, and one
Such is, our binary, e-nigma
Lies in throes, of, Digital Dimension
Our e-Glory, and, e-Stigma!

e-volution to this, new, e-Species
Decodes, human feat; Digital Despair
For e-ase, we bear this, e-Disease
Since inertia, became our, new doctrinaire!

Facebook, Twitter, … ain’t, mere façades
But the, true face, of our e-xistence
It’s here, we flaunt fads, and join jihads
Buy propaganda, and, sell pretense!

Why man, consigned, intelligence
To the artifice, of, artificiality
And lost, to, Digital Insolence
DNA, of, ingenuity!

It’s not ‘if’, but ‘when’, we e-mbrace
e-nnovation is, e-conomic, e-thnic, e-lchemist
There’s no escape, from the, Digital rat-race
If You, Ain’t Digital, You Don’t e-xist!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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