In The Farms Of Fury, Fiefs Of Fear

Not tears, of ruth, but embers, rain
In the, funeral of, a shadowland
Once, heavens of joy, now, hades of pain
Goes up, in flame, life, strand by strand!

In the, hearth of bliss, love’s labors lost
An age, gapes, at its, ash aghast
We burnt, our cradle, at love’s cost
Faith’s bond, at last, consigned to past!

Is it, stench of, smoldering, wood, flesh and bones
Or of, true trait, of the, human creed
Our milestones, are our, being’s tombstones
Where ends, our need, begins, our greed!

Whilst, rages on…, inferno’s wrath
Shaming, life’s boon, to a, souvenir
We reap, our making’s, aftermath
In The Farms, Of Fury, Fiefs Of Fear!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra


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