A Man Was Raped In Pakistan

A stark lie, shrouds, his cherished pain
Or a, truth captive, to a, profound fear
A man’s stigma, is a, thought profane
Why manhood, be a, faith austere!

Who placed Adam, on God’s, pedestal
With machismo’s might, how he’d, fall from grace
Is intellectuals’ tryst, sin, societal!
Shame’s mirror, bares, manhood’s true face!

What might, have been, masochistic need
On fulfillment, turned out, to be rape
The prejudice, and pride, of the, phallic creed
Is, manhood’s mayhem, hard to, escape!

For thirteen years, who nurtured, sin
Like the, Satan’s secret, in Quran
In a clan, where skin, is a, sweet chagrin
A Man, Was Raped, In Pakistan!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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