The Funeral Of A Paradise Lost

In the, politics of, shenanigans
What ain’t, at stake, future, present or past
The legacy that, thrived, thru eons
Stares at, her martyrdom, aghast!

At the hustings, promise, of progress
Meant ‘fertile wastelands’, where, once stood
Virgin havens, of wilderness
Ain’t cheap, that power, which costs, ‘dead wood’!

Thus the, power, was won
And the, promise, fulfilled
A sanctum, verdant, halcyon
Condemned to flames, trampled, and tilled!

“How much, more land, to grow gluttony!
For a, new today, at tomorrow’s cost!”
Smolders endlessly, life’s litany
At The Funeral, Of A, Paradise Lost!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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