Satanic Verses

To transcend, mankind’s paradigm
A prophet penned his faith with fear
More pious seems that sin sublime
When baptized in, bloodbath, austere!

Why cynic’s, fate be, ‘heresy’
Whose ‘blasphemy’, his faith, defies
To prove, a dead man’s, ‘prophecy’
Why truth crucified, at the altar, of lies!

In the battle, between, faith and fear
Two phantoms, we call, Satan and God
Fight in, our souls, to domineer
Over notions of, Utopia flawed!

Lasting lectures of, prophet’s prejudice
Is how, faith to fear, converses
Two faces of, man-made, malice
Satirized by, sin’s, Satanic Verses!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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