Half Truth And A Lie

The myth, which bred, in Mecca’s sand
Is now, a faith, of a, myriad souls
Lost legacy, of this, firebrand
At time’s crossroads, pays triviality’s tolls!

Did the, human race, await this faith
Last prophet called “Lord’s Final Word”
Now stands, despised, its haunting wraith
Selling fear, all over, ‘infidels’’ world’!

What survived, that, sin’s shibboleth
Not the faith, of truth, but a lie, of jihad
Why “Allahu Akbar”, scares to death
When screams Satan, in God’s façade!

At the, altar of, faith’s aftermath
Its fear, awaits, to crucify
Yet one, more day, in blessed bloodbath
In the, farce of, Half Truth And A Lie

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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