The Persian Paradox

Could there, be more estranged, a land
Than one, which chose, its estrangement
An ethos, lost to, Mecca’s sand
A legacy, spent in, sacrament!

Is it, just stain of, Shia sin
Or oil economics, and its politics
Nuclear alibi, Russian pittance, US chagrin…
Here clerics, define, mass hysterics!

They chose, to be, what they became
A fate, Zoroastrians, never conjured
Stuck at, crossroads of, fear and shame
Iran was, a disaster, ever conjectured!

Enigma of, its existence
Is the faith, fear and hate’s, tinderbox
New world order, and its, indifference
Is the, plight of, The Persian Paradox!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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