The Schools Of Shame

By-heart Quran, in Pakistan
In the madrasa, of charity
But pledge your rectum, to that ‘noble’ man
Who’ll love you, to vulgarity!

“And you thought, it’s free, you imbecile
The food, Quran and, this mullah’s toils
Dare you ever deny, me my pleasure penile
My love ain’t sin, but a legacy’s spoils!”

“Mama! Rump hurts, and a heart that pains
My bleeding soul, why resents Quran
How rape is love, a faith’s pursuit stains
A boy’s belief, in a faithless clan!”

“Sir! Spare me the sin, of blasphemy
And scourge of hunger, in Allah’s name”
“So come to me, sans modesty”
For a new orgy, in The Schools Of Shame!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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