Hitlers Are No Happenstance

Why History sells, more than Bible
For time precedes, Redeemer’s birth!
If ‘Satan’ is, our worst libel
Why despots awed, many times his worth!

A White Aryan, or a German Sin
Or Superman, of a million, disgraced dreams
Or the ghost of a war, they did not win
How sweet is that bread, which blood blasphemes!

How deafening moans, of a hopeless clan
Sowed seeds of pride, in a starving land
The fury, which world overran
Was Führer now, of a vengeance grand!

How hate suckles, on outraged pride,
And history’s, a hostage, to circumstance
Why tyrants are men, deified
In blood’s romance, Hitlers Are No Happenstance!

© 2017 Vikas Chandra

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