The Enigma of Womanhood

When I made you my mother, had I ever known?
Whose heart I’d suckle, for a man to become
Is still the same woman, bred-in-the-bone!
My sum of motley quests, for ages to come

Weren’t you, the same poser, that nubile lass?
Who stared thru my nerve, dared me to defy
The lure of your love, my sweet impasse
Sly sin of womankind, more than meets the eye!

My obligation then, my better half, No! But so, they say!
The same paradox now, who keeps my dough, my DNA
And submits to be, my pride’s, my prejudices’, waste bin
Though clasps on, your chutzpah, my manhood’s chagrin!

Stands out, last, but not least, your brusquest avatar
Stark woman, who struts thru, machismo’s abattoir
Same spirit is a whore’s, which a mother’s withstood!
Eternal bane of yours, The Enigma of Womanhood

© 2016 Vikas Chandra

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