Me The Ship, Me The Sea

Thus the wild winds wave, my soul, my sail
And the surfs do soar, to my voyage’s travail
But to flood yet float, is my destiny
Every tide, my spree, me the ship, me the sea

See the fowl that flies, in the solitary skies
Warps a shred of space, with its silent sighs
The same is me, throbbing gloriously
Hurt heart’s broken plea, me the ship, me the sea

There lies the end, of my restive chase
Where waves etch tale, on my fractured face
Of a man dissolved, in time’s debris
To one become, with the Lord’s decree, me the ship, me the sea

Why to call it love, if a sin it be?
A man’s pursuit, and his destiny
Entwined serpents, in immortal orgy
We sail beyond, life’s deep mystery, me the ship, me the sea

© 2016 Vikas Chandra


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