Why they knock my door?

The dusk had dwelled, beyond its spell
At the doorway, arrayed, recalls galore
Bygone waifs and strays, to sigh and yell
To grimly compel, why they knock my door?

How I had resolved, every fear dissolved
In chasms of my soul, with a vow heart bore
But a tide erupts, through the faults unsolved
With angsts evolved, why they knock my door?

No more my heart, hostage to her
A myth I reared, by the heavens, I swore
But a tremor dazed, soul and heart astir
Love’s limits to blur, why they knock my door?

In mystic moments reborn, a legacy forlorn
Of all that claims, its share in the “now” for
Uncherished dreams, that decline to die, unborn
From nightfall to morn, why they knock my door?

Had the heart not been, a wary tot, hard to wean
Off the phantoms that last, and yens of the yore?
But a knight who triumphed, crusades umpteen
Of the inner core, why they knock my door?

Though made of stone, brittle, cut to the bone
Eh! Man! Wizard of destiny, but prone, all the more
To antiquity’s flaws, where seeds of his woes sown
Past will last with fear’s laws, why they knock my door?

© 2015 Vikas Chandra

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