You’ll never know, for you never see
Adores a stone, “infidel” me, indicted
A missive, I ink, to be lost, dear me!
I sleep a wink, for a dream, unrequited

You feed my soul, with love, you know?
Alas, you knew, what’s it to be rioted
With aches that scrape, a heart hollow
My soul agape, unbeloved, unrequited

Ain’t the spring your form, how I surmise
More than a glance, alas, never sighted
When met we twice, over somber “goodbyes”
Portrait of pity, rendered my guise, unrequited

Never held those charms, nor you in arms
Oh! So far, your smile, yet my heart delighted
For this woe, I treasure, reared by psalms
Of a hopeless hope’s measure, unrequited

How I wish to die, but for this pain
To live, insane, by a sick heart, ever blighted
What creed is man, who lives in vain
Obsessed to reign, a lost domain, unrequited

Would you call this love, or sweet deceit?
Or a frail man’s gamble, on a soul benighted
But don’t affront, a worthy heart, replete
With yens on the hunt, alas, unrequited

Be it Lord’s decree, my soul married to thee
It ain’t sin, to adore quietly, a hope lighted
A bird, who’s got bliss in snare, cares to be free?
So be it, my destiny, my lasting orgy, unrequited

© 2015 Vikas Chandra

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