Trump’s A Wolf, Hillary’s A Fox !

Behold the piety, of the façade, of American culture
Every four years, hence, shrinks this crumbling sepulcher
And its hustings parade, its profound paradox
Petty pawns of charade, Trump’s a wolf, Hillary’s a fox!

Republicans, Democrats, same species, same race
Two truths of America, its defiant disgrace
One’s high on prejudice; other hanging on her hoax
Mellowed masters of malice, Trump’s a wolf, Hillary’s a fox!

Behold balloters’ plight, democracy’s divine comedy
Two choices thrust upon them, both tributes to travesty
One ruffian most brazen, other impostor orthodox
Rationales beyond reason, Trump’s a wolf, Hillary’s a fox!

While the world mocks and talks, this four-yearly game
Welcome one more POTUS, to democracy’s hall of shame
Rejoice millions of minions, and retune your clocks!
And trounce own opinions, “Trump’s A Wolf, Hillary’s A Fox!”

© 2016 Vikas Chandra

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