To my bête noire, with love

There’s no love lost, betwixt us two
Why God paired us, to love to hate
With worthiest words, from your lexis, I drew
Your picture perfect, my bête noire, to date

If you don’t see me, nowhere
You must be, in your grave
Me! Doling out bonbons, at your funeral prayer
“Hell-blessed soul, rusts here”, I fondly engrave

If you think, I am browbeaten
May God fix your insight?
Your venom would, more sweeten
To my, fortitude’s delight

You got that babe, you think! Don’t brag
I pity your, gross guesstimate of love
Won’t your tail, give up, to wag?
Alas, her heart’s mine. Voila! My love dove

Do you know, how far, will this bad blood go?
I don’t mind, to walk it, till the end
This fiery pet of yours, let it grow
Bravo! You burn out, brazenly, no spark left to spend

You a million dollar tycoon! So, your minions, say
Needless to hide, your silver spoon
When your heirloom, on display
Me! A self-made man, shall outclass you soon

You hobnob with the elite, starry-eyed lad
Your mutual-admiration club, is a fool’s paradise
Mingling with the masses, still not out of fad
Me! Still the ace of hearts, your defiant dice

What became of us Dear, in this futile chase?
A thorn, in each other’s flesh, why we bleed?
It wasn’t me, the first one, to disgrace
The civil creed; me cocksure, you’re ogre’s breed

© 2015 Vikas Chandra

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