The face of God

My autumn, your spring
No reason to sing
But in any season
Without a reason
My heart won’t stop to long
Won’t stop to sing a song
Though it knows, you don’t belong
To me, in a million years to be
But this hope insane, will it agree?
See, it’s lit up like a Christmas tree
Do remember, Do remember, Do remember me……………

Your pain made me a rhyme sublime
But it croons on borrowed time
What became of you my dear?
Forgot me! Did love disappear?
Was it fog of a blue moon night?
For me forever. For you limelight?
Fed on morning sun, out of sight
So be it! But how and why to let it be?
Lest what will be, will be, for us to see
Sick heart ain’t mine, for you set it free
Do remember, Do remember, Do remember me……………

When I will be lost, in a million stars
Try scrape the sky, won’t fill your scars
For I will be gone, to another world
Light-years away, my presence blurred
Just once, bare your heart, before I leave
Let my lovelorn soul, now, see to believe
It indeed was love, to my heart’s reprieve
Your flesh and heart, may the world’s be
But keep your soul, saved, just for me
Await I will endlessly, for our souls’ heavenly spree
Do remember, Do remember, Do remember me……………

© 2015 Vikas Chandra

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