That Honest Man!

Who hid somewhere, that mortal sin?
Now is the time, let it begin!
The quest for truth, of an ugly clan
Let’s dig him out, that honest man!

Let him sprout, break out, from chains
Let the phoenix, soar, from fib’s remains
Let a bloke once spoil, Satan’s game plan
Let him breathe again, that honest man!

Etched in time, his countless routs
At the hands, of history’s, inept louts
Still smolders on, a flash in the pan
Since annals began, that honest man!

Solitary he, yet a mob himself
Amid myths of regimes, a roaring elf
Spits of blood, on a charter, spick and span
Lost caravan, that honest man!

© 2016 Vikas Chandra