Sailing past a woman’s heart

A mystery isle, all the while
Never unraveled, missed by a mile
How sublime, is that smile’s deceit
Which veils a woman, in shades replete
Every bard believes, as he sets to start
Sailing past a woman’s heart

Underneath the calm, of this silent sea
Lies the psalm of myriad tides, set free
Does she know herself? Anyone’s surmise
Blissful ignorance, blessing in disguise
To fathom the depths, that set her apart
Sailing past a woman’s heart

How snugly hinged, two souls in one?
A mother, a lover, in a woman well-spun
While one forgives, forgets and rears
The other forgets, forgives and bears
Paying in pain, playing pain, I awe, her holy art
Sailing past a woman’s heart

Who crafts the glory of this shrine profound?
In many a story, etched in time, a woman found
Who shaped the past, forever to last, her colors
Mayas, Florences, Teresas, Curies and Kellers
Hear echoes, treasured impressions, they impart
Sailing past a woman’s heart

© 2015 Vikas Chandra

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