Pity ain’t love

How to come to terms, with that dream?
That rejoices ache, of a love’s esteem
Being unsought, if not, enough, a sin
Betrays scorned love, that pity saccharine

How once we met, in a moment downcast
You cradled my sighs, left my heart aghast
How you kissed my pain, but missed that soul
Which forgot to live, now lasts on a dole

How across life’s lanes, as you speed by
This man gapes at you, with a boy love-shy
Won’t you make it clear, how long to bear?
Is it pity still, that thing? My lovelorn fear!

At the fests, amidst mobs, when the eyes do meet
Where that song is lost, from a symphony replete
Forsaken though sweet, is the creed of that tune
Fed on pity’s morsels, forgot to croon

Who loves to own, that wailing orphan?
Who longs to belong, to that someone?
Who loves not pities, cribs but cares?
Adores that heart, which loves and dares

Rituals of love, and creeds of deceit
Pity’s one sentence, a heart’s defeat
That beats the odds, to stay afloat
As a hope of love, not pity’s dote

Endless counts of sins, fully absolved
But, in a mire of riddles, a love unsolved
That sham to shroud, a name to shove
Love’s creed’s profound, pity ain’t love

© 2015 Vikas Chandra

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