Tethered to, millstone, our wary lips
Daresay, that truth, none agrees with
Better live, in faith, and fear’s eclipse
Than avow aloud, “Our Truths, Are A Myth”!

Who baptized us, with a blaring lie
That “A pawn of faith, you’re meant to be”
From morning pleas, to night’s lullabies
We are retold, “Lie’s your destiny!”

Amid mob, of political correctness
We sell ‘wrong truths’, to buy ‘right lies’
In this, ruthless game, of urbane chess
We are, the ones, we sacrifice!

Since we, learnt to speak, ‘conformist truth’
That lie, we learnt to now appease
No longer sounds, this fact uncouth
Our Truths Are Our Blasphemies!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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