Orderly’s son

Cantonment brags of many a raving war
Not those battled out, to be lost or won
But trysts of hearts, cupid’s darts galore
Alas, cherished one, of the orderly’s son

Colonel’s girl, Pearl, was the moon that shone
With a million candles’ sheen, to shy the sun
Afar doubt, “an adored angel”, written in stone
Coyly craved, deified, by lad on the run, orderly’s son

Orderly, so pious, to his lord, Colonel Brown
Slighted day-to-day, yet his fawning, second to none
Running errands, with son, Ben, through the town
Two sorry souls, lost forever, their fates underdone

How spring had strewn, blushes of passion in air
Ben had a heart, but no nerve, to tell, “I am done!
With this ache, unbearable to make, myself bear
Would love hold well, for a colonel’s girl and an orderly’s son?”

Pearl had a penchant for fantastic pipedreams
Men meant to her stunning princes, best ones for liaison
Which values lie beyond a face, what true love redeems
Unwary, her little world of wonder spun, afar reach of orderly’s son

Afore Valentine’s Day, his charms, took her breath away
Adonis was he, she his Aphrodite, two souls wed in heaven
“Which loves are meant to last, my Lord? What worth this melee?
Her smile not mine, her heart not won, how broke today, orderly’s son”

His only chum, the magpie, on the lone cherry tree
Cried” What solaces you, my Dear! I’ll coo that air, listen
There ain’t any agony, my God-blessed spirit can’t free”
It cooed whole night, till her heart bled, for the orderly’s son

“Valentine’s Day, a blood-bathed heart, a soul ablaze, a funeral of love
Alas, a fine fiesta, befits my end”. With a swift slash, his heart undone
“Why your color is blood, O’ Love, of only souls worth the heavens above?”
Moaned magpie, as she swore her last bead of blood, to the orderly’s son

© 2015 Vikas Chandra

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