Jurisprudence, in our, ‘modern times’
Is ‘prudent’ more, in the hands of those
Whose zeal, to invent, new paradigms
Crucifies, a condemned, truth’s ethos!

A feminist’s dream, realist’s nightmare
For it concocts sins, to shame’s epics
“Before died dodo, he touched me there…”
An outrage, wakes up, to newborn ethics!

It’s the man, in fact, the weaker sex
You can browbeat him , the way you like
In the game, of shame, womanhood wrecks
A man’s virtues, with sin’s, stealthy strike!

May he, not drown, in newfound tears
O’er morality’s, immoral dialogue
May feminists, not add him, to their souvenirs
May a Moral Triumph, be Kavanaugh’s Epilogue!

© 2018 Vikas Chandra

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