I’ll Storm In !

Why should I lie, to that man in me?
That dream’s meant to be, a soliloquy
Not dreading to lose, and daring to win
Thru my wall of taboos, I’ll storm in!

That fortress I built, with windows of fear
It towered over me, my shadow austere
Done with the love, of my sacred sin
Thru the heavens above, I’ll storm in!

Can you still withhold, my throne; my fief?
You ain’t the ‘world’, but my dying belief
For my world is me, and my glory within
Save your lock and key, I’ll storm in!

That legend lost, in the tomb of yore
Now towers a man, high tide at shore
To build new summits, on the ocean’s skin
And break land’s limits, I’ll storm in!

© 2016 Vikas Chandra

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