If I Don’t Wake Up! – (Ode to Death)

If I Don’t Wake Up!
Won’t this realm, sink to inertia?
What would be me, past that final absentia?
Just a bit, will it, annoy thy poise?
O’ Earth, thy axis, and worldly joys
And the wax and wane, of the moon above
Will my soul not soar, to kiss heaven’s love?
If I Don’t Wake Up!

If I Don’t Wake Up!
Forgot to breathe, if this manly seed!
Won’t a medic, baptize me, a ‘Dead Man’ indeed?
Cold, smelly, 80 kilos meat, unsold, on the way to decay
A spent soul unleashed, amidst riots astray
Won’t they lay me out, washed, white-clad, festooned today?
My lasting orgasm, on display, since I came all the way
If I Don’t Wake Up!

If I Don’t Wake Up!
Won’t it thump, I know, my heart?
350 grams of flesh lump, hurled worlds apart
Where dwelt my love, that sanctum lost
Won’t my kin despise, my living ghost?
Won’t they shut my eyes, for they would gaze?
Two oceans frozen, at the worldly maze
If I Don’t Wake Up!

If I Don’t Wake Up!
Won’t they cradle me on shoulders, thru streets to my hearth?
A Hindu, finally burns by Ganges, so true to creed, since birth
I ain’t phoenix, to resurrect, and rise from smoldering dust
Won’t that pious promise, of heaven stir, my soul’s wanderlust?
Born to be made, my every breath, mortal child of a shibboleth
Won’t life too envy, my lasting ode to death?
If I Don’t Wake Up!

© 2016 Vikas Chandra

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