It wakes, in a pompous cradle, yawns “Yay!”
Hunts a new utopia today, yesterday’s so passé
Dusks gulped down, over a drunken cabaret
Hi-Life ain’t spent as yet, for night’s another day

It brims in hearts and souls, past brinks
It jigs and croons, vain tunes, replete
With legend of slurs, it lives and stinks
Hi-Life’s deceit, marches past, easy street

A caustic doll, with a plastic smile
Ah! She hawks herself, at galas galore
How flawless made, her sham and guile
Hi-Life, all the more, in its bare décor

A cocktail brewed, mellowed by pretense
Feeds myriad facades, veiled in, stealthy lies
False Gods, rule the roost, at creed’s expense
Hi-Life, a Satan, in an angel’s disguise

The whitest-clad snob, scorns hoi polloi
Beware! Never dare, to stain his pride
Worthy heir, to deploy, evil’s blue-eyed boy
Hi-Life, basks, in the glory, of its seamy side

What makes it high, this sinful living?
A riotous allure that defines its creed
Gets awe-struck lots, into wild misgiving
But Hi-Life’s a white lie, to the core, indeed
Lived in droves, by pests, of the awful breed

© 2015 Vikas Chandra

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