Fog forest

Drowsing on a verdant patch, a dowsed soul
In bliss of peace, a sage, in reverie demurest
How haze hugs its heart, whilst on a stroll
Of the élan, à la carte, amidst the fog forest

When goatherds sense, sweet whiff of muck
Mingled in humus, bred a bond earnest
Cherish their spirits, an idyllic concord struck
In a mother’s lap, a childhood rests, fog forest

Half-veiled in mist, a bride in the bloom
Every vista sublime, of her glory, grandest
How long will this mystic, coyness loom?
Let the majesty now erupt, of the fog forest

Heard the magpie, on a slumbering shrub
“What a rapture befell, my modest nest
This farm of clouds, bears the Godly grub
Of solace, that ever lasts, in the fog forest”

Beside budding pine, soars, enduring oak
All share the creed, of the hunch barest
For the mirth to arise, their yens evoke
A hearty will, defies odds, in the fog forest

Pristine to the point of piety, unspent
A smoke-caressed virgin, hums the psalm purest
Dwell in deep calm, to their heart’s content
Dawns to dusks with a new aplomb, in the fog forest

© 2015 Vikas Chandra

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