Dear dream, don’t die !!!!

Forever my very own, neither lent nor thieved, O dream!
You the child of my hope, cause to live a day more, to wait
For an age of qualms to end, and a prized promise to redeem
Don’t die just yet, never care what avers, the fickle finger of fate

How you hold my little world and I own your sublime presence
We dwell in each other, entwined to brew a behemoth grand
It’s the spirit of our passion that kindles the spark of essence
Don’t let it die, for we the bravehearts from cloud cuckoo land

Only comrade amongst a flock called “friends”
You the compass of my heart, soul and mind
Just bend the route, why distressed by dead-ends
Don’t quit just yet, time stands by us, four-square behind

The time counts on you, for the era it long awaits
For world reshaped by eternal dreams that outlast nations
And you herald the milestone change that history narrates
Don’t fade in time, just hold your place, in even-odd equations

Not just a latent view in eyes, you the endless zing that leads mankind
Just one dream, that’s all it takes, to shake ethos of slumbering souls
To rouse a rising in a million hearts, to unearth a destiny unmined
Don’t stop your stride, strive you must, to reap the feats of your splendid tolls


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