A pugilist in love

How an angel smiles, now that lad would know, a simpleton from countryside
A lassie or nymph or elegance alive, what a glory of woman with a tinge of pride
So spent in self, how would she know, beyond a look, what love could hold
Endeared to the town, its black alleys, the passion of menfolk, lo and behold!

The lad, a petty pugilist, with naïve notions of love and allure
A sweet country bloke, with a spirit so pure, love’s lethal bouts, would he endure?
New to the town and the drag of its lure, unknowing to the world and its affairs
His stark truth, a tale of measly cares, a battle in ring, with blood, sweat and tears

It so ensued, they met face to face, the lass and the pugilist, in the market place
Surreal moment, it spent them, pug with love, lass, a ploy, to lead him on a merry chase
Pug pled, “Would you be mine O’ Dear, I pledge you my heart, on a wing and a prayer”
Mob roared, as Lass quipped, “I’ll be your prize, beat Big Ben in ring, his pride lay bare”

A smitten soul that pug now was, lassie’s thoughts his breath and bread
He sold his sleep for a dream instead as his life and love hanged by a thread
All futile, comrades’ concerns, “Your fall shall be the trophy of her undue vanity
For Big Ben – The Butcher, is doom alive, chasing a battle lost is all but sanity”

But a love-struck pug was deaf and blind, as lassie’s want weighed heavy on his mind
And lastly the big day, pug stood staggered facing Big Ben, a devil’s design, most unkind
Before bell buzzed, lassie avowed with a chuckle, “This lad for me, will brave his doom
Will die winning or win my love, with the blushes of my splendor, may his glory bloom”

Thus began the bout, betwixt a man who fought for love and a brute who loved to fight
He bore the callous barrage of jabs, crosses and hooks with lassie’s smile, his only delight
Alas, as the blood-bath marched, referee implored, “Throw in the towel, son, or else you die”
Pug defied,” My love is not the one for compromise, nor the man in me. Die, I must, not sigh”

Round ten. Pug worn and torn to the bone, ring crimson awash with his passions rife
Referee pled,” Throw in the towel boy, see the lassie walking out, love lost, don’t lose your life”
Forlorn pug moaned, “If not love, I fight for pride. Die I must, succumb not to life. Alas, what profanity!
Has she laid bare? Tell my lassie dear, “I lost love but salvaged honor, my victory over your vanity””

Last round twelve. Soul unglued from the flesh almost, Big Ben delivered the coup de grace
Pugilist numb to punters’ cheers, lassie readying for the nightfall act, with new tricks in her vanity case
A love-starved man stakes all on love like this pug who hard-pressed his heart to the limits of existence
Why this poor lad had to trade his life for an elusive love with grisly reward to his persistence

Obsession defines love for men, be it with the Troys or Romeo Juliets or this lad‘s case
The man in fight ends but the fight in man goes on forever on an endless chase

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