A poem is ……..

A poem is, a creed sublime
A shard of soul, sheared to scrape
In a myriad hearts, a soulful chime
A beautiful mind, cut to shape

A poem is, a fiery impulse
More muzzled, the more it soars
Like the spirit of defiant candles
It burns, brightens and roars

A poem is, an affair, awaited by time
Of thoughts, wed to, rhythm of life
Hears, tells, avows, this solemn mime
Of enigmas untied, over eternities, rife

A poem is, a passion’s brush
That paints, in shades so bold
Like a riot, surges, this mad rush
The finales, for ages to behold

A poem, is a bard’s modest bread
Sustains his soul, thru the trials
Baked by him, with yearnings fed
In the kiln of care, away from guiles

A poem is, the universe contained
In little arrays of words, that regale
All realms allured, by the art ordained
To unearth, the shrouded, holy grail

© 2015 Vikas Chandra

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