A drop… here and there!

Where slept that valley, of the grand yore!
There stands today, an ocean bare
Whose crimson tides, now wash ashore
Some spent-up prides, a drop… here and there!

In this God-made realm, every man, a guest
A heart to plough pain, a soul to say a prayer
Who vanquished whom, in prides’ vain contest
Just dripping sutures, a drop… here and there!

How big, could he be, within God’s grace?
A man meant to toil, till the end, to bear
Those labors of love, or a prides’ lost race
Betwixt sweat and blood, a choice to shove, a drop… here and there!

Would struggle, be a creed, some day?
Yes! The one to make, not the one to pare!
When souls discourse, not the prides in fray
Strewn dialogs, of recourse, a drop… here and there!

What lastly decides the end, you know!
Is when, nothing’s left to win or lose, but to spare
A lease of hope, for the souls, that tow
Pride’s hefty tolls, a drop… here and there!

Why histories awash, in color red?
From then to now, pride’s crimson affair
Why man chose, to bathe in, gore instead
When an ocean, brims within, a drop… here and there!

Burst it must! This barrage, on barren souls
How long can hold, a venting heart, each tear?
Let them riot and roll, beyond pride’s controls
To kindle, every soul, a drop… here and there!

Had he shed a tear, the world would have changed?
Yes! A man must cry, for the soul to rear
The yield of compassion, on a pride estranged
Each tear, a lasting passion, a drop… here and there!

Let these seeds of peace, men sow, in their hearts
For the world, to win, over that lasting fear
Which looms large, that pride imparts
Sink this soul’s surcharge, a drop… here and there!

How history swears, of those men, who never shed, never learnt
That mercy ain’t the creed of frail, but the daring ones, who care!
They emptied hearts with fills of tears, for eternity, well-earnt
Let this flood of bliss, kiss all frontiers, a drop… here and there!

© 2015 Vikas Chandra

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