The Tomb Of Love We Left Behind

“Pain is the psalm of soul”, you had said
“And love its sanctum of solace”
Where lovelorn hearts solemnly bled
Still stands sepulcher stinging us!

In the farm of faith’s forget-me-nots
Where we had spent our springs and falls
There shrouded in our soulful thoughts
Mourns requiem of our fond recalls!

Better blasphemy or sin it is
Ask swans who break their venial vow
There’s freedom in a false promise
Captive in a shrine, holier-than-thou!

Our orphan lay in pain’s cradle
Estranged from us, our insolence
Atop our pious pride’s citadel
With penance of our penitence!

What was once truth is now a lie
Life’s enigmas deeply entwined
It shall remain till love’s last sigh
The Tomb Of Love We Left Behind!

© 2023 Vikas Chandra

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